Flying to China

As most of my friends know, I have this trip thanks to TIME magazine subscription. “Forced” myself to get the air tickets to Beijing, and redeem the free tour vouchers. My brother-in-law helped with the VISA, it was not a smooth process… Quite a number of incidents happened, not pleasant ones.

Finally, we made it to Beijing with all kinds of transportation, almost.

Firstly, of course my Kembara brought me back to KL. (This shouldn’t be counted, I know. :P)

We hire our neighbor to send us to the airport, and then took a flight to Tianjin.

The captain reported there was a snow in Tianjin. The snow stopped when we reached Tianjin. We met with a Malaysian who studies there, Stephanie. She warned us about the cold weather in Beijing, and recommended some places to visit.

Then we took a shuttle to Tianjin train station.

Bullet train to Beijing train station.

MRT to Andingmen station.

Walked to the hostel.

Later, shower, dinner, and sleep.

We went out from our home at 5:00 am, and reached the hostel only at ~7:00pm. What a tiring trip! Anyway, I don’t really recommend the hostel that we stayed.

Not much photos taken this day. It was very cold.

Snowy scenery taken from the shuttle.

Tianjin’s apartments.

Interesting road sign, besides showing the direction, it’s also showing advices!

Scenery from the bullet train. I am not good at expressing in English. Wanted to say : 窗外的景色如畫.

I thought ~200km/h is almost the maximum, but I did notice it went up to ~270km/h. Not sure if it reached 300km/h. So, I think this is a bullet train. :P

(I am afraid the next one must be in Chinese already…)