JJ @ Japan : Asakusa

Before I came to Japan, I got to know about Sanja Matsuri at Asakusa. I wasn't sure if I should go there as it would be very crowded. Coincidentally, my friend mentioned about this too. So, we made up our mind and went there.

This tiny ticket is the subway ticket. Basically, it only says the cost and not the destination, I guess. :P

As we walked along the street, suddenly, we heard some traditional music coming towards us, and saw this.

The lantern at the gate is half way collapsed to make way to the portable shrines parade.

Some photos on the portable shrines parade.

It's not a men only business, but women also involved!

And, kids too!

We also saw 4 geishas leading one of the portable shrines.

Oh, this event is called 三社祭 in Japanese. It happened on 15th - 17th May this year.

Glad that we didn't miss this. :)

After watching the portable shrines parade, we continue to hang out around there.

I don't know what does this mean, but I like the writing very much!

Seems like the portable shrine belonged to the shop/restaurant in this area. We saw a few of them "parked" in front of the restaurants.

It didn't really ended like this. Some continue to have performance to entertain visitors.

We also met with a Ninja on a roof top!

Met with the Geishas again.

You can see a lot of souvenir and food shop like this in that area. This was taken near late evening .

Some shops are already closed.

And the white lanterns lit up! Very beautiful... and some Chinese would say "大吉利事"... ^^

That's was it. And I visited this place again on a week day. ^^