Team building @ Eagle Ranch

We were having a 2-day-1-night team building at Eagle Ranch Resort, Port Dickson. We started to discuss about it since early morning when we reached office, though we have another half day to work before the journey start. :)

Some bring extra ingredients to the team building!

Around 2:30pm, we departed from our office. There were something happening in the bus. Advertisement shooting for the dried mangos. The contrast shown on SS and HN's faces, I am not sure if it taste good or... not so good. :P

Aaron wasn't distributing food or money, I am not sure why is the crowd got so excited. :P

Some choose to sleep on the bus, some were chatting, and we were drawing using Aaron's electronic drawing board! There were 4 of us. Each of us would take turn to draw something. This is FF in action.

HN's turn. SS drew a godzilla, and HN drew the ultraman! *pengsan*

This is the almost final art of the drawing. :P

SS was laughing when she saw this photo. She just realized that her hand is looong.

There, finally we reach around 4:00pm.

We are the Juggernauts team. Erwin, with our mascot. :P

First game was volleyball. HN in blue Thundercat team.

Juggernauts in action! (Sorry for other team, I mostly took only Juggernauts picture...)

The first victory!

The wining Juggernauts!

Next game is Futsal. I didn't take much photo of Juggernauts. I was in the field, and one of our member injured on his knee. (Probably that's why we just made it to the final round. :P)

SS said, she finally got the chance to kick the ball! :D

Yup, it was crazily hot...

The Red Jinjang Joes won this game. We got the 2nd place.

Final sport game is basket ball. Our team was too tired to continue... The next game is Red versus White, they didn't make it to the final too. I just realize... I didn't take any photo of our team in this game! :P

The White Magician and Blue Thundercat made it to the final. There are a lot of tall guys in White Magician team, and they won!

My roommate and I went for dinner before going for shower after the games. We had a pieceful and quiet dinner there because the rest of the group when for shower first. :D

This is our room. I think overall the room is not bad.

This resort even have new year karaok session! We didn't try that. :)

This is Black Juggernauts! It's the night activity, we played charades game. Didn't take much picture then... but... we won again! The last one, a book name was difficult to act and to guess, but we made it! Bond said he'll find the book and read it. "Tuesday with Morrie"

Next morning, this is our breakfast place.

Opposite of this.

And this is the most happy breakfast food. Roti canai with sugar!

The 4th and 5th Cheetah turned up for breakfast that day.

After breakfast, ST and I did a slow walk back to our room. On our way, we took some photos. This... can you spot the cat? (SS gave this as the caption of this photo when she view it on my camera.)

We stayed in on of the room of this... building.

After breakfast, we are having our final competition, treasure hunt. This is one of the photos I took during the hunt. I choose to put this here, because I like this photo. :P

They have archery games at Eagle Ranch. And paintball too.

And we actually were surprised when the organizer announced we got all the answers correct! We have a full team this day! Yes! We won again! We are the overall winning team too! :D

Finally, we are checking out Eagle Ranch.

Some photos...

I like this a lot! :D

Tall girl, small door.

Team photos. Get ready!

Yes, we are ready!

During lunch, I just realized that we have another teammate injured during volley ball. This is the evidence!

2nd place winner, Red Jinjang Joes!

The winners, Juggernauts!

Hmm... final photo shared here, SS, HN and SW's versions of Aaron! This is drawn in the bus on the way back. :)

No more~ I had fun! :D