My cameras

Met with some of my friends last weekend, a very quick one. And then, my sickness getting worse, I have to cancel my next day plan and go home earlier. Sorry to have ask you guys out at very last minute, and sorry to those to have even more last minute to inform you that I can't make it to meet you.

Anyway, after seeing my new camera, my friends asked for my collection of cameras. Hahaha! Here's something I edit from my other post from last year.

This is my first digital camera, Canon Powershot A10. I love this camera a lot!

You can view its work here : A10. So far only 1 post on this. Maybe I'll put more in the future.
I even had a farewell post for it here : 最後的道別--A10. This page design is very liong. :P

My first SLR, from Nikon, F55.

My last film shooting on this should be during my sister's wedding... I gave up on SLR then.

Then, A550. Oh, there then when I wrote the post, this camera was missing. Only the box was still with me. But then, the battery holder of this camera rosak already.

I bought myself this as my X'mas gift, to replace A10 after almost half a year missing it. This accompany me in my first self-sponsor trip, to Australia and New Zealand. I love this camera as well~ :D

Some post on A550 : A550.
In no progress my AUNZ trip writing : AUNZ trip.

And then, my first DSLR, from Nikon, D40x.

Bought this from a very close friend of mine. I got this because I want to learn SLR, and be able to take good picure with F55! Went for a class with my friend... Actually, I think I tried again using F55 because I got a very cheap film from Tesco Extra! Anyway and finally, I concluded that it is better to stick with compact camera. :P

Now, if I really have to use it, I'll use P mode. Fast, free and easy. :D

Some post with D40x : D40x.

The next one... I must say, the best camera! But, it's very pricey. I went to the shop a few times just to get hold of it. And at the 3rd visit, I finally bought it. Then, I have it for all my following trips.

Some post on G10 : G10
My first trip on G10 : Taiwan
2nd trip : Beijing
Half trip : Seoul. (in slow progress to complete the writing)

It start to malfunction in the South Korea trip. I am still thinking should I get it fix.

Oh yeah, I actually bought another Canon camera during G10 period to replace A550, A495.

It is currently with my sister. Perhaps I should get it back from her...

Some post on A495 : A495.

There are 2 more cameras that I got last year, and.. this month. I haven't taken their photos yet. :P

Some post from SQ30M : SQ30M.

I am a bit regreted that I switched my mind at the very last minute after listening to sweet talk by the sales person. I should have got myself another Canon.... Now I am struggling to get to know the new camera...

All photos from this post is by A495.