Free muffin

Got it from Chup today. It's a complimentary 'dessert' while a long wait for my chicken chop. And i only turned back and had a quick look at the kitchen wondering why my food is still not served. And the... restaurant manager(?) came and greeted me and asked if I would like to have a cake. It's a complimentary cake from them. I can choose any cake I'd like! Alas, I rejected saying that I might not able to finish it, so he offered a small muffin. In fact, it was HUGE.

I missed TF in Penang. That's the only place I get to eat a "pre-launch" dessert, and I feel like I am a VIP there. Anyway... back to the muffin. I felt like eating a scone while having that... Is this normal? Anyhow, I like that restaurant manager and their kaki-tangan". They are very friendly. :)

OK. This post is the result of I think I should have blogged something today.


  1. the muffin had made your day eh? ;)

  2. Hmm... not really. I wished I had chose a cake instead. :P

    But it's their friendliness made my day. I always wanted to blog about TF... But I think I never. I wish there are some places like the cafes that I visited in Seoul. Quiet, nice, and not crowded.