Secret Santa

Hmm.... throughout my n years of working experience, this is my 2nd Xmas gift exchange in office. :)

The event should start at 4:00pm... however... We have 42 participants, however, CY and I counted 3 times, we only found 41 gifts in total, where is the missing one?? I am not sure, but I think it was hidden somewhere that we miss-count it. :) (Btw, I am not committee, though I'd love to be one. ^^)

CY and Mario are checking out the participant list.

SS, FF and I....

The game スタート!

The first few ones, everything was quite under control. Everyone choose to unwrap the gift rather than exchange with the unwrapped gifts.

Hmm... we have a cute one here...

This is the girl that SS said she looked like PS. I wonder if she bakes cakes too. :)

This "shit" was one of the popular item that people wanted to exchange!

I think she got to unwrap quite a number of gifts because her gifts were the "wanted" ones. :)

WT in action!

Sandra is cute!!! The gift was one of the unexplained big conspiration.... hehehe...

SM in action. :)

This is YK.

I think Felix get to unwrap/choose gift for at least 3 times!

Oh! Adeel maybe more than that!

We thought it was a pack of muesli bars, later we guess it might be only one muesli bar, but it is not! Aiks! I can recall what it was! (Fish memory again!)

Fikri in action.

It's SS turn. She got a mug!

Hmm... I recall he wanted the "shit"!

This is a custom designed touch n go card. He got to unwrap this gift, but at the end, it doesn't belonged to him.

Liew choose to unwrap gift.

He got a 4G thumb drive!

Erwin got a box of little donuts!

Hehe... I ate one of them. ;)

This is a popular wrapped gift. This is at the 2nd hand owner already.

Then 3rd... (or maybe 4th) They are "discussing" or bargaining for exchange?

At last, I think it gets back to the 1st owner... So, he finally unwrapped it.

I think this is the 3rd gift unwrap session for her!

SL got the gift I bought!

Ta-da! Yeah, it's apron. But I don't think it's suitable for kitchen. It's for fashion instead. :P

Are they also interested in the apron? Anyway, it didn't get exchanged by anyone else. :)

This is Anson (Teluk Intan). :P

Gan is helping Fahmi to decide whether to unwrap the gift or choose another gift!

Liew again...

Everyone is aiming their favourite gift and hoping to get a chance to do exchange...

Actually, I like this cup too... :P

SS was hoping someone wants to take her mug, so she can choose again! :D

To swap or to unwrap!

The crowd...

Finally, the ラスト participant!

曲終人散... Someone has to do the cleaning work... :P

I enjoyed this... 有條理交換(搶)禮物遊戲~

Oh... what did I get? First was a black organizer, then silver organizer, lastly I exchanged for a box of stationery! :)


  1. interesting~
    SS look so formal ler...OL OL...:P
    the gal din look like PS PS very taiwanese style..:P

  2. hehe.. SS got date after work. :P

    Yeah... I also don't think she looks like PS... :P (Wow! You know who I mean! :P)

  3. The girl in photo #7 & #8 one. :)

  4. Good blog and good writing!!

    (Btw, I am not committee, though I'd love to be one. ^^)

    -- NOTED :)

  5. PS, both of you also pretty lar...
    YK, thanks~ :P