It was my best fren's big day. I went early to the church to meet up with JC. It was way too early, the choir was practicing songs, and I chat with JC and took some photos.

I love the decors done by Peky herself!

I saw Peky's dad always wearing smiley face, since the night before. He must be very very happy that Peky is "sold"! :P

Here she comes. With a big smile on her face!

I was sitting quite far behind. This is the best shot I can get when they make their wedding vows.

The flower girl and other kids were helping out to “clean” the red carpet when the ceremony is over. :P

She has a very nice and organized photo session with all the guests. I like this a lot! Oh, the green tree is the guest book, I think it's representing evergreen love. :) Someone pointed out that one of the twitter birds has eye lashes!

Fun photo session. JC and I were waited patiently, and yet to hear our "category" was shouted. We went to the front to make sure she doesn't forget about us. :D

Finally, it's my turn but... never mind. :P

And really finally, it's our turn! :D We took a few photos, and later LM was "required" to stay aside for 3 of us to take photos together! :D

Yes, the professional photographer is taking their picture, and I take from behind. :P We left after took some refreshment.

Now it's the wedding dinner session. JC is the main coordinator, I followed her to E&O earlier to start the "work". :)

I love the out door section. Nicely decorated. This is for the pre-dinner area.

There is a candy bar setup. There was no chocolate or lollipop or any sweet there when I took this photo. (Btw, I just took a few chocolates, I swear! :P)

These are the flower cones that we prepared for used when the couple marching to the dinning hall later.

This is the dinning hall! Seems like the broadway of my imagination!

Some nice and ... still nice decors in the dinning hall. I love the colour tones, and also the lighting of the hall. :)

JC in action! :)

Table # 1!

The table gift! Very Peky's style!

These cakes were made by her mum, for the evening tea. Yummy!

CP and family also attended the dinner. (Paiseh, the little girl still call me jiejie...)

MY in action! She is eating the piggy cake!

Long time no see, boss. :D

Couple on stage. LM shake the champagne hard. The champagne opening did not "hurt" anyone. :P

交杯酒儀式。Google translate gave me wedlock, I am not sure if this is the right term in English. :P

Now, it's the toast.

Then the toast and kiss! They were kissing for > 90 seconds according to the MC!

The bridegroom and his brothers dancing "Nobody" song. Actually, the bridesmaid was teaching in front of the stage, these 3 guys were just following the actions. Anyway, according to the MC, this is LM's favourite song. :)

The whole night, we were listening to jazzy songs. This is the live band that performed that night. I love the atmosphere that night. I am unable to post any dancing photos here... They are all blur. But, the impromptu dancing request and live band performance are just GREAT!

M&M, wishing you a wonderful beginning, and love to last for a life time! 百年好合,永浴愛河!

P/S: Yes, this time, I did some edits to some of the photos using Picasa, the soft focus, glow and focal B&W effects. I am not sure if I over do this. :P


  1. Thank you for taking the photos!! Believe it or not, i didnt even get the chance to take a look at the decor and I have a very very vague recollection of the nite! Lolx! :) Thank you for coming back. Makes a whole lot of difference to me!! *muaks*

  2. 親愛的,my pleasure. :)

    P/S: probably you have a fish brain like mine too! :P